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The directory of start-ups in Catalonia has already more than 1,000 startups

Posted on 28/12/2016
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Barcelona & Catalonia Startup Hub
Barcelona & Catalonia Startup Hub. Source: Barcelona & Catalonia Startup Hub

Searching Catalan start-ups and knowing its features is now easier with Barcelona & Catalonia Startup Hub.

It is a portal where you can search in different languages start-ups in a directory and know their characteristics, be informed of the most significant investments made in the sector, support tools to discover and share this information.

Barcelona & Catalonia Startup Hub was introduced in early December and now has over a thousand companies in its database. The portal is part of the Pla Embarca of Start-up Catalonia of ACCIÓ, which aims to accelerate sales of the first Catalan start-ups that are at an early stage, they need to confirm their ideas and reaffirmed its strategy.

"We wanted to put names to identify the Catalan start-ups, creating a showcase appraise projects in Catalonia are Catalan ecosystem to connect to the world and attract foreign investors and other international entrepreneurs," says Nuria Betriu, CEO Industry and CEO of ACCIÓ.