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ACCIÓ publishes the results of the Barometer of Innovation in Catalonia 2015

Posted on 21/06/2016
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Baròmetre de la innovació 2015
Baròmetre de la innovació 2015. 2016. Source: ACCIÖ. Licence: Tots els drets reservats

The ACCIÓ Department of the Generalitat of Catalonia has published the main findings and results of the Innovation Barometer, which collects statistical information on R & D and innovation have developed the Catalan companies in 2015. The barometer also evaluates intangible assets such as Big Data and innovation associated with improving the reputation and brand value.

The Barometer of Innovation in Catalonia is a pioneer in the international practice regarding the evaluation of business innovation. On the one hand, analyzes the state of innovation in Catalonia considering new approaches towards a greater weight of intangible assets. On the other hand, provides direct information on the process of innovation of Catalan companies, so reducing the existing gap of about two years in the different surveys and analyzes on innovation officers.

These are the main conclusions of the 2015 report:

  • More than half of Catalan companies innovate and intangible assets are increasingly gaining more weight.
  • Almost 40% of Catalan companies create innovative p're receiving new jobs during 2016 and 85.7% expected to increase turnover.
  • 57.2% of Catalan companies are exporting innovative, a percentage that grows in the case of the industrial sector 89.9%.
  • 24.3% of companies said use new innovative analysis tools based on advanced Big Data technology, a percentage higher than the previous year (16.6%).
  • 56% of Catalan companies innovative eclaren of the 2016 allocated more resources for innovation last year

Here the whole document: